浜崎あゆみ~ayumi hamasaki~

「浜崎あゆみ」を応援し続ける「しるびあ」です。 あゆが引退するまで、応援し続けるのかもしれない・・・
Ayumi Hamasaki Arena Tour was scheduled to start Mon 4 of postponement was announced concert held in April.

Northeastern Pacific Ocean since the earthquake, and already through Twitter, tweeting Hamasaki Ayumi were examined and that the delay performance. According to an official from the agency issued March 28, to be postponed, as were the following performances will be held in April.

Thursday, April 09 (Sat.), 10th (Sun) Saitama Super Arena
April 16 (Sat) 17 (Sun) Gaishihoru Japan
April 23 (Sat) 24 (Sun) Osaka Castle
April 29 (Fri.) 30 (Sat) Ekopaarina Shizuoka

Furthermore, future performance, and to rebuild all of the surface intended to produce various effects in the northeastern Pacific Ocean earthquake. Thursday, May 07 (Sat), 8 (Sun) has announced the match to be held in Hiroshima Green Arena. The status of the venue and rolling blackouts, and it is also possible to postpone or cancel the show if, when it will be announced on the websites and from time to time.

Production, including sets, etc., Hamasaki Ayumi reconstructed from a live show that was already almost finished, and her staff decision. You can imagine, and the safety of the venue for such aftershocks continue still probably in consideration issues such as power supply has hit the Tokyo metropolitan area in particular, on the other hand, fans across the country are looking forward to live Ayumi Hamasaki This was a bold decision would be on even meet expectations.

However, we like to catch their decision to never be misunderstood. Hamasaki Ayumi Arena Tour on a new future will be rebuilt, in any of the official "scaling down" was also "to have scaled down" is not also written. In other words, "the actual number and amount of power" in terms of the attention throughout the "what was holding" that is supposed to be, on the other hand, "Ayumi Hamasaki Live" and see in terms of past different from her live tour, that, as if everyone has a dream, the stage is expanded far beyond our imagination. I hope, no, I'm sure of it.

Because, Hamasaki Ayumi, betray the fans. This is also far from the truth but never shaken and never in the future.

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